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2112 - The Diamond Towers – Part III - The Syndic

 As I mentioned before, the Tower’s Syndic became the most significant political figure. Now I’d like to explain how the ascension of the Syndic is a revolution in the democracy, and how this revolution spread through world.
            The advent of the Internet altered the way people interact and made possible international interactions in a way that was never though before. In fact, people realized that communication is beyond listening and speaking. The possibility to broadcast audio, video, and text provided a way to establish a real communication between people, and the access of a lot of information make people realize that other communication ways, like TV and newspaper, could be misinforming people. They realized also that governments control TV and newspaper information. The Global Warming scandal was just the top of the iceberg, and people begin to lost confidence in governments. When the Towers’ population began to be significant, the governments and the companies tried to take the political control of the Towers, but the Residents (capital R) decided that it’s a lot of power to put in hands you not trust.
            Before continue, I need to explain how the Tower Address System works. Since we can move through the entire world using the Towers Transport System, it’s necessary to have a standard address system to allow people to best localize and find address. We took inspiration on the ancient American address system, which used regular spaced streets forming regular blocks. When we realized that Towers was becoming global, we decide to use geographical coordinates to precisely position each tower. So we decide to space each Tower by two nautical miles, or 1800 meters. We decide this because one nautical mile corresponds exactly to a second in geographical coordinates. The bridges were built following the cardinal orientation. This way provided a natural localization system.
            The revolution began in a Tower called “Capricornus 4727”. It received this name because it was localized on the Tropic of Capricorn (23º 30’ S) and 47º and 27’ West. A dispute between local government and the company that built makes the Residents very angry. Through a juridical dispute, the Residents gain the control over the Tower, and decided for a new government model: the Common Agreement. It means that to be a Syndic, it is necessary to be supported by one hundred percent of the Residents. The idea is that the candidate must provide an administration plan that 100% of the residents agree. The plan is negotiated for a few weeks with the participation of all Residents. Any aspect of the plan that not gets 100% is removed. The first candidate that reaches 100% is elected. You may think that it can lead to an unsolved situation. However, since each resident have the conscience about this risk, everybody works to reach an agreement.
            The “Capricornus Revolution”, as they call it today, was rapidly spread through Internet around the world. Soon others towers decided to follow the same way, and the juridical precedent helped others to get the same solution.
            When most people moved to Towers, and the world economy became dependent of its products, the governments around the world became to fall due to its lack of usefulness. The Syndics and the Council of Syndics became the new political and administrative power. A power supported by one hundred percent of people. That’s the New Democracy.

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